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Our Mission Statement & More Info

is a youth group dedicated to helping youth move on the "Next Level" of their spiritual walk.
that through friendships, learning from the Bible, worshiping God togheter, and just having fun, we can mature in our faith and grow in our relationship with God.
every Friday night for youth group!
from 7:00 to 9:30pm at First Chinese Baptist Church. Click here for directions.


Our Weekly and Annual Events Schedule & Info

Regular Events

Friday Youth Group

Games, Worship, Lesson, and Small Group

Every Friday from 7:00 to 9:30pm at First Chinese Baptist Church
Worship team getting ready to lead the youth group in worship before a night full of testimonies. After a long day of VBS, it's time to have a time of fellowship with the youth group. Just belting out some tunes after a day of praise, sermons, and small group sessions at Lynchburg.

Fun Nights

A great opportunity to bring friends and newcomers!

Every third Friday of the month with potluck dinner/snacks and special activities *schedule may be subject to change

Worship Nights

A time to praise God and reflect on our year

Every fifth Friday of the month when we have extended worship and prayer time *schedule may be subject to change

Special Events

Winter Retreat

As the New Year begins, the retreat serves to refresh and reflect on our past year of our walk with God.

Martin Luther King Weekend from Friday to Sunday morning.
Middle school boys cleaning up after dinner. The annual hike to the Learning Tree consists of goofy pictures, excercise, reflection, and appreciation of God's beautiful earth. NLM girls getting serious during an epic game of munchkins during free time.

Lynchburg Retreat

Gathering with Chinese churches from Virginia, North Carolina, and D.C. to worship God

Memorial Day Weekend from Friday to Monday morning.
Cost: $150 (includes housing and meals)
After a day of Lynchburg, it's time to bond and fellowship with some ramen. 11th and 12th grade girls get comfortable with each other during icebreakers for a weekend of sharing, encouragement, prayer, and growth in their relationship with God. The bus trip together to Lynchburg is definitely filled with lots of laughter and bonding.

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

Pastor Tim Liu

Pastor Tim Liu

Pastor Tim Liu has been the English Ministry Pastor at FCBC since 2005. He is from Norfolk, VA, and grew up at FCBC. He graduated from the UVA in 2000 and worked as a Civil Engineer before entering seminary at Regent University, where he earned his Masters of Divinity. He and his wife Judy have been married since 2006. You can view his ministry blog at here.

Games Team
Jonathan W and Emmy K

Jonathan W and Emmy K

The games team leads games and icebreakers before the worship, lesson, and small group. They are also in charge of leading introductions before games so that everyone will get to know each other. Jonathan and Emmy take turns leading games or they lead together. Before and during games time is a great way to get to know new people by getting split up into different groups. It can get pretty competitive sometimes, but it's always very fun!

Worship Team
Dan Y, Derek T, Josh Z, Jacob P, and Allirae Y

Dan Y, Derek T, Josh Z, Jacob P, Grace L and Allirae Y

The worship team leads the youth group in praise and worship. Dan is the adult leader for the worship team and oversees the team. Derek and Grace is on guitar, and Derek leads. Allierae and Jacob sing, as well. Josh plays piano, sings, and occassionally leads. It is really an awesome time to wind down from games, and put all of our focus on God and His greatness. We can also reflect on our past week in the quiet. It's a time to thank God for the week and for everything He has blessed us with. Worship is always a beautiful time!

Reach Team
John A, Yen C, Alice L, and Grace L

John A, Yen C, Alice L, and Grace L

Although all leaders love to reach out to newcomers and the regular attenders, the reach team is in charge of using social media and other ways to reach out and notify the youth of future events. John and Alice are the main adult leaders of the reach team, and they oversees the team. Yen sends out the e-mails and fixes the NLM Youth website. Grace is in charge of directory by documenting contact information for newcomers, so that the leaders can reach out to them in order to keep in touch through social media, e-mails, texting, phone calls, etc. As important it is to connect in youth group, it is also important to create lasting bonds outside of a church setting.

Closing Team
Grace L, Josh Z, Sidney K, Derek T, and Allirae Y

All Leaders

The closing team makes sure that the church is clean before leaving on Friday nights after youth group. They involve the youth to help also so that it is a group effort. This time is also a great way to talk to some visitors or just bond with all the youth.

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Send in your questions, comments, and concerns.

Contact Details

  • nlm@fcbc-va.org
  • (757) 340-6069
  • First Chinese Baptist Church
    228 Pritchard Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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